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Get Free Lunch on FoodDays For A Month...

... And a Free Pizza Day for the Whole School!


We know that word-of-mouth is the best recommendation that you can possibly give.

If you have a friend or family member that might like to use FoodDays at their school, let us know.

If they take up our service, we'll give you a month of lunches for free for your children!

And, there's more... For any school that takes up the FoodDays+ service, we'll host a free pizza day for the whole school!

To take advantage of this offer, all you need to do is let your friend, family member or colleague know that you're putting forward their name and get their okay for us to contact them.

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Terms & Conditions

Our offer for free lunches for you is contingent on the referred party taking up a new FoodDays service. The free lunch for the whole school offer is contingent on the referred party taking up a new, or updating to, the FoodDays+ service on a one year contract.

Free lunch for a month offer

The free lunch for a month offer entitles the referrer to a free month of lunches for up to two designated children at your current school that is already serviced by FoodDays or at the new school that has taken up the service. The lunches are limited to a maximum of $10/day/child and any overage must be paid for by you through the FoodDays service. The daily allowance cannot be carried forwards or used in any other way and does not represent a credit.

Multiple referrals

In the event that there are multiple referrals to the same school and that school takes up service, the free lunch offer will be awarded to the first recommendation that was received through the above form.

Free Pizza Day for the new school

FoodDays will offer a free pizza day at the new school on a date to be mutually agreed upon. The offer will be open to all parents of children currently attending the school for the entirety of the school year. The pizza day will be added to the existing ordering run at the school or will replace an existing scheduled pizza day. Pizza will be limited to one slice of pizza per child attending the school.


FoodDays, LLC reserves the right to adjudicate on all decisions.