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Lunches delivered by FoodDays

Leveraging our decades of experience helping with lunch programs, we now offer a fully managed service.

  • Free up your time
  • We handle the finances and the vendors
  • Free to you!

How it works:

1: Setup

We work with a combination of pre-vetted vendors and any vendors that you'd like to bring to the table, to set menus, pricing and delivery schedules.


2: Run the program

We work with the vendors to coordinate lunch deliveries around your school schedule. Meals are labeled for distribution and we handle any issues that you might encounter to ensure happy children, and parents!


3: Handle the finances

We handle all of the finances from collecting payment, to paying vendors and handling snow days and credits.

Find out more

Complete the form below to have our team reach out to you to see if FoodDays+ is a fit for your school:

Or call:

(908) 485 4245

Who's it for?

FoodDays+ is for

  • Schools that want to offer a lunch program without the hassle
  • PTOs & PTAs that want to spend more time with their children and less time with spreadsheets
  • Vendors that want to reach a broad local audience of schools
  • Current FoodDays admins that want to upgrade

Meet the FoodDays+ team

We're excited to welcome two new additions to the FoodDays team.

Annie & Fayge are a team that we've known and worked with for many years. As co-managers of the lunch program at the Yeshiva of Flatbush, they've managed a lunch program for the school for many years.

We're excited to have them join us as the FoodDays+ team as they build on our experience from being parents at the local schools and add years of experience working with vendors to negotiate the best deals for both the school and the vendors alike.

Annie & Fayge are both passionate about ensuring that quality is first and foremost above all else.



We all have questions! Here are the top questions asked about the new service: