Offer a Lunch Program at Your School

No cafeteria? No problem.

Leverage local vendors in your town to bring in different lunch options each day or use a National School Lunch provider. Whether it's just a pizza treat on Fridays or orders for every day, FoodDays has the tools to create a program that you can manage effortlessly.

Automated reports ensure that both you and the vendors get daily updates as needed to ensure that everyone is in sync with a school, a district or franchise-wide view.

Control ordering to allow as much flexibility or as much control as you need - no limits!

Want to manage Free & Reduced School Lunch Programs? We have the tools to make claiming state funding easy.

If the paper slips or the Google Sheet is getting too much, it's time!

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The tools you need to focus on lunch, events and after-school programs

01 / Lunch Ordering

Let's start with a lunch ordering platform that's helped schools since 2003!

We have all of the controls to set up the lunch program for your school, how you like it - order by the day, week, month, half-month, half-year, every 21 days! It's all under your control and can be adapted to meet your schools needs.

Parents can choose what they want but still kept under your control - manage portion sizes, control add-on items and ensure that payments arrive when you need them.


02 / Spirit Wear

Year-round Spirit Wear sales are here.

Using the same engine as our lunch ordering module, you can add spirt wear sales, year round to centralize your fundraising. Include pictures, variations of items and everything you expect of a traditional cart based sales engine.


03 / Events

School organized events are handled with ease on FoodDays.

Post events, select the dates, the venue, add some 'blurb' to encourage attendance and then leave FoodDays to handle and track the volunteers, the tickets sales and email reminders.

Use the controls to keep the information private and ensure parents stay in control at all times.


04 / Email

Send to the group... any group!

Use the email feature in FoodDays to compose rich emails and newsletters then send to pre-select groups of parents, volunteers, everyone who ordered the fish and more.

Stay in touch without overload.


05 / Website

Build a basic website on FoodDays.

Our platform gives you the opportunity to create a custom website around the program.

Whether hosting as mySchool.FoodDays, mySchool.ptoBay or even with a custom domain, you can look good!


06 / Financial Tools

With more than a decade of experience, we've assembled an array of tools for you to use. Control free/reduced lunch programs in inovative ways, credit parents for snow days and more.

Our reporting engine generates all that's needed to track sales and keep the books informed and of course, all of your data in FoodDays can be exported too.


And did we mention, it's free?

All of the tools and features come with all of our programs, we only change a small percentage of the sales – about the same as high street credit card processing fees alone – to provide everything!

With no credit card fees, no contracts, no minimums, no hosting or support fees, no monthly charges, no setup or exit fees and unlimited administrators, parents and schools, you can sell one slice of pizza or serve lunch everyday.

What have you got to lose? Give us a try.

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