Pancake Lunch

We Made a Mistake... That's why you should trust us!

"To Err is Human... But who pays the price?"

This week we made a mistake, we accidentally opened ordering for a day that the school was on a half day. Of course, plenty of parents placed orders and we dutifully fulfilled those orders. It wasn't until the vendor arrived at the school to find an empty building that we realized what had gone wrong!

We've credited that parents that ordered and we'll make the payment to the vendor at the usual rate.

This is one of those times that we have to face up to a mistake and take the hit as, well, when we say we'll run your lunch program, this is what we mean, it's on us.

Schools today are under increasing pressure to save money and to maximize the fundraising effort of their group and, we're here for you but, we often see PTO's and Schools saving cents and loosing dollars. Even this past week I had a call with a school that thought they were saving money by using their own payment gateway only to discover at the end of the year that, after returning funds to parents accounts, the whole year had been a net loss! Imagine explaining that to the board!

This week, we made the mistake and we covered it, not the PTO. Mistakes happen, humans are fallible but, it does make you wonder how human error impacts the overall profitability of fundraising groups like PTOs.

Food for thought and... anyone fancy pizza? We have spare?