Terms and Conditions and Our Privacy Policy

Our top priority is your privacy and security.

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Our Agreement to you

Terms and Conditions

This online ordering service is provided to you by FoodDays LLC.

FoodDays is a registered trademark of FoodDays LLC. The service is provided 'as-is' without warranty or guarantee of any kind whatsoever. In using the service, you agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless FoodDays LLC, its employees, directors from any and all actual or alleged claims, demands, causes of action, liability, loss, damage and/or injury to persons or property arising out any acts, omissions, negligence or misconduct.

When placing orders for food, the order is placed by the end-user of the system,'you', where the order is readable by us and by also by the school PTO, PTA, HSA or committee designated as the manager of the food days function, the 'FDC', where we will be delivering the items in order that they can be distributed correctly.

If you have any dispute regarding an order, please contact us directly to resolve any issue. We will endeavor to assist you, often with input from the FDC as an impartial observer providing suitable data to clarify any delivery issue, as long as that disclosure does not infringe the civil liberties or privacy of either party.

Cancelled payments such as stopt checks and credit card chargebacks made to FoodDays will be recovered and will incur a processing fee of $30 plus any reasonable legal fees incurred in the collection of funds. FoodDays reserves the right to levy a transaction charge for using the service to process orders.



Orders placed can be canceled up to the cut off time of 48hrs before the date of delivery and 100% of the item price will be instantly returned to your balance. The balance can be used automatically against future orders including for the same date or can be refunded back to the original form of payment upon request to FoodDays Support ([email protected]). FoodDays reserves the right to withhold a processing fee of 5% for each transaction that is refunded or reversed at the request of the parent to cover additional fees unless FoodDays deems that to be caused by an error on our part.


Privacy Policy

Your privacy is considered paramount here at myFoodDays. Personal Information will not be shared with any third party outside of ourselves and the School, PTO or vendors that assists us with providing the service.

Please note that the School or PTO may choose to enable basic sharing of your information as part of a school directory and you may override this from the account settings page and, or change the information that is shared and the scope that it is shared. All information collected by the myFoodDays team will be held on a central database, its use will be limited to the myFoodDays LLC as the host of the service for the purpose of providing that service and to ensure that the service can operate successfully and securely.

From time to time anonymous usage information may be shared with third parties to further promote the use and success of the FoodDays program.

For a complete list of the data that is held on the FoodDays system that relates to you the end user, please email [email protected] or complete a simple request on the 'Contact Us' chat feature within the app providing a detailed explanation and suitable contact details. Upon receiving the request we will take what ever steps are necessary to determine the authenticity of the request.

Right to be forgotten

At any time you may request that all information relating to you be deleted from the system. If you would like to have the information about you be deleted from the system, please email FoodDays providing a detailed explanation and suitable contact details. Upon receiving the request we will take what ever steps are necessary to determine the authenticity of the request before carrying out the request.

Your contact details will not be used in any telemarketing campaign on behalf of FoodDays regardless of your status and registration on the US National 'Do-Not-Call' register.

Password security

Your FoodDays password will be stored on this system in an unreadable form and cannot be made available to anyone. Despite this, best security practices recommend that the password that you use on this system should not be used elsewhere.

Emails from myFoodDays.com & FoodDays.com

When you register with FoodDays we will use your registered email address to send you notifications of new ordering runs, order confirmations and reminders for payments.

In addition, we provide access to allow your School, PTO/PTA/HSA, etc to send emails related to the lunch/after-school/spiritwear programs through our system - these are typically emails about school or events that are taking place. If you do not wish to receive either of these types of emails, you can de-select them at the end of the sign up process or, at any time, you can log on to your account and edit your email preferences from your account page. Aditionally, you can unsubscribe from all email sends by clicking 'unsubscribe' on the bottom of any of the emails.

In compliance with the CAN-SPAM act, the system may automatically unsubscribe you from the email reminders if it is unable to deliver messages to you.


The application that we use to place orders uses "Local Storage" in your browser, a bit like cookies, to remember who you are when you go to pay and, to save certain simple preferences. You can erase these but things like visual preferences will reset.

The software that we use to support you through chat, HubSpot, uses cookies to remember who you are so that the chat support pop up doesn't need to ask for details. We tie it to your email address so when you ask for help, we have everything in front of us. You can block or remove that information and you'll still be able to order but, if you need help, you'll need to email us instead.


We don't use third-party tracking or analytics such as Google Analytics, Facebook, etc. We do use first-party tracking when you visit our websites to help us support you and to recognize you so that you get the best service, i.e. faster support, less effort on your part. You can block our tracking cookies without preventing you from ordering.


Acceptance of these terms

Acceptance of these terms is deemed complete upon completion of the Sign-up process.

If you have any further questions relating to the terms and conditions of use, please do not hesitate to contact the FoodDays team at [email protected]