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Welcome to the Village

FoodDays was created from the ideas and to meet the needs of the PTOs and Schools that it serves - constantly evolving, never standing still.

Team Work at FoodDays

FoodDays Evolution

Since its inception in 2003, FoodDays has encountered more than a hundred Schools, PTOs and Vendors that have shaped the solution.


myFoodDays 2003


2003 - 2022


  • 2003 Warren Middle School

    The first version of FoodDays goes live!

  • 2004 Woodland Elementary School

    Woodland Elementary School became our second school

  • 2006 Credit Cards go online

    Adding Credit Card Processing made life easier for parents and PTOs alike

  • 2008 Reports Automation

    Automatically sending out reports began

  • 2009 Surveys

    Surveys, our first none-lunch program feature goes live

  • 2010 Volunteers

    Volunteers goes online - coordination of the volunteers as now automated.

  • 2012 Committees, Events and Directory

    Committees, Events & School Directory become new, free features in FoodDays

  • 2012 ptoBay

    ptoBay goes live as a sister site to showcase alternate faces of FoodDays.

  • 2015 Fluid accounting

    FoodDays adopts a new fluid accounting model that does away with deadlines opening up unlimited ordering

  • 2022 FoodDays+

    FoodDays + is a new offering from FoodDays that takes all the effort out of lunch programs

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