You Know Your Lunch Room Needs Help When... The Mystery Meat is Actually a Mystery!

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Ensure your children's food is delicious and nutritious with no mysteries!

Our diet over the last few decades has taken a hit. With the growth of 'fast-food' or, food-adjacent as we like to call it, our students have experienced a steadily decreasing quality of life.

  • Know Your Vendors - Our platform ensures that parents can get to know the vendors and where the lunches are coming from.
  • Dietary Tracking Built In - We track twelve different allergy / dietary markers, from Dairy to Wheat and we allow parents to self-report on their child's dietary needs - where there's a conflict we prohibit ordering.
  • National School Lunch Program - We're tuned in to the national guidelines on nutrition and will help you make the right choices to be compliant.

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